Plasma Gasification and Vitrification Clean Energy Solutions

Coronal, LLC - Plasma Gasification and Vitrification Solutions

Plasma Gasification and Vitrification Clean Energy Solutions

Coronal, LLC is a Plasma Gasification and Vitrification consulting/ development company. The Plasma Gasification and Vitrification process converts municipal solid waste and other organic and inorganic feedstock into marketable energy and vitrified by-products.

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) disposal in landfills is a significant environmental issue; however, now MSW can be considered a valuable resource by providing feedstock for energy production. In addition, utilities and mining companies are able to reduce their potential liability related to cleanup of ash and tailing waste.

Coronal's mission is to provide local units of government, utilities and mining companies with smart, timely waste management solutions.

Plasma Gasification Solutions convert waste-to-energy into biofuels, steam or electricity and slag that has very low leachate properties. By using material recovery facilities prior to the conversion technology, the entire process encourages recycling by removing marketable recyclables from the waste and provides a significant reduction in landfill waste that cannot be recycled. By not landfilling, the environment is protected from greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of the ground water.

Plasma Gasification facilities are environmentally friendly and can be profitable through revenues from tipping fees, the sale of the energy in the form of synthetic gas, biofuels, steam, or electricity and the sale of the slag when processed as road aggregate, bricks and tile or rock wool.

The Plasma Vitrification technology can be applied to ash resulting from utilities using coal to generate electricity and tailings related to mining preventing the pollution of the soil, the leaching of heavy metals into surface and ground waters and secondary dust production.

Sustainable, waste-to-energy Plasma Gasification and Vitrification solutions turn waste into renewable energy and create by-products with very low leachate properties. With this in mind, Coronal can develop and deploy Plasma Gasification and Vitrification Solutions in locations throughout North America and around the world.